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Ellen Baxter
Lives and works in the USA

founder of Broadway Housing Communities (BHC). Ellen Baxter has been committed to fighting poverty and homelessness in New York City and nationally for more than 30 years, and is a pioneer of the supportive housing model now in wide use around the country and globally. In 1983, Baxter founded the nonprofit community-based organization Broadway Housing Communities (BHC) which today leverages the synergies of housing, education and the arts to create meaningful change for under served children, families and single adults in New York City neighborhoods beset by poverty. BHC’s most recent initiative, the visionary Sugar Hill Project, is poised to serve as a model for policymakers, funders and other developers committed to addressing the urban housing crisis and breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

2016 | Venice Architecture - «Salon Suisse» Four 
2016 | Venice Architecture - «Salon Suisse» 2016