16th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia
26 May - 25 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018
Look back at the 2018 "Salon Suisse 3: Investing space as medium" Salon Suisse 2018 – October Salons

3ème Salon: 2nd – 6th October 2018
Investigating space as medium

Twenty years ago, the Bertelsmann Foundation’s report to the Club of Rome on the topic of “The Limits of Social Cohesion” shed light on potential sources of friction in nation states around the globe. Looking back, the report reads as a prediction of the civil wars that have erupted worldwide and social upheavals that have taken place since then. The question of “How to live together?” (Roland Barthes) is of more existential importance than ever today.

As we reach the middle stage of our journey, we will meet guests from anthropology, sociology, art and the history of photography and architecture. From various perspectives, they will direct their gaze to the collective space wherein our daily lives take place. They will deal with the social behaviour of humans, their perception of space and the interac- tion with the built environment as well as with the architectural and artistic strategies to interpret and shape this world.

Salon Suisse 2018 – October Salon: Investigating space as medium