57th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia
13 May - 26 Nov 2017
23 Nov 2017 until 25 Nov 2017
«Salon Suisse» Four: kinesis


The final Salon, ‘kinesis’, examines what contemporary performance allows us to ‘do’. The salon will investigate some of the ways in which performance articulates national or civic identities – and invites audiences to co-habit or activate them. Performance can staccato the flow of time, giving rise to cessations and pauses, loops and returns, and in doing so enable encounters with complex histories. But how do performative strategies occupy speculative worlds long enough for us to feel their effects? Kinesis begins by exploring the limits of language through the phenomenon of glossolalia or ‘speaking in tongues’. In this multi-language performance by Khyam Allami and Naim Al Asmar, linguistic transgression is explored as a means of communicating an ‘unintelligible’ language, albeit one which is emotionally or psychically expressive. Performances by artists Megan Rooney, Marcos Lutyens and Claudia Comte will explore modes of assembling and sequencing performance acts within the framework of ATARAXIA. Rooney’s performance ‘Poor Memory’ uses poetry as a primary register to communicate vectors of contemporary life. Marcos Lutyens’s performance ‘Phobophobia/Philaphilia’ engages our senses via hypnosis, offering a visceral journey through areas of the body wherein the ‘fear of fear’ is thought to reside, towards a state of ‘philaphilia’ or the ‘love of joy’. Meanwhile, Claudia Comte uses the Swiss culinary staple of cheese fondue as a system for structuring social activity.

Please find the full program here.