57th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia
13 May - 26 Nov 2017
31 Aug 2017 until 02 Sep 2017
«Salon Suisse» Two: eating well
«eating well»

In this two-part weekend of culinary exploration and feasting, a host of guests seek to abate your hunger for flavour, friendship and guerrilla tactics. Samuel Leuenberger has invited artists and gastronomic provocateurs Sandra Knecht and Maurice Maggi to open the second Salon, entitled ‘eating well’. Joining forces for ATARAXIA, Knecht and Maggi will prepare an edible geopolitical roadmap (exit ramps included) of Switzerland to Venice. Audiences will be invited to taste the fruits of foraged verdure and market finds. By sampling a variety of methods and approaches Knecht and Maggi trace the routes of political agricultures through traditional regional cultivation methods. For Friday and Saturday’s soirees, Koyo Kouoh and farid rakun cordially invite you to join special guests Zoe Butt, David Teh and Reza Afisina. Different types of camaraderie will be served with congenial sides and refreshing charm – this is a weekend for friendships, fine tastes, and most importantly, fun.

Please find the full program here.