56th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia
09 May - 22 Nov 2015
19 Nov 2015 until 21 Nov 2015
«Salon Suisse» Four: «Speculatio mystica»

Please download the program here:
«Salon Suisse» Four: «Speculatio mystica»
Structured by: Juri Steiner and Stefan Zweifel
At Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Dorsoduro 810, Vaporetto stop: Zattere
Door opens at 7pm on the 19, 20, 21 November 2015

On the very last weekend of the Venice Biennale, the «Salon Suisse» «Speculation» / «Speculatio mystica» (19 to 21 November) will leave the Palazzo Trevisan once again, this time rambling through churches in search of the universal spirit of Dada between fantasy, reason, memory, longing and speculation in a spiritual and poetic closing ceremony. A final dinner party will bring together a handful of artists and curators to celebrate the artist, poet and impresario Robert Filliou – a special contribution by Anders Kreuger (Muhka, Antwerp).

19 November
The Secret of Permanent Creation (Robert Filliou)

Evening program:
The program is curated by Anders Kreuger. Kreuger is currently preparing a retrospective of Robert Filliou (1926–1987) and proposes an evening that explores the work of this radical and elusive thinker, writer and artist who was one of the most significant voices in 20th-century culture.
7 pm 

Doors of the Palazzo Trevisan open to the public (bar and a screening of videos by Robert Filliou from the M HKA Collection)
7.30 pm

A presentation by Anders Kreuger on the upcoming Robert Filliou retrospective, ‘The Secret of Permanent Creation’, at M HKA in Antwerp. The exhibition aims to introduce Filliou’s thinking to contemporary audiences through his visual work and writing.
Anny De Decker will talk about Filliou’s two previous exhibitions at the Wide White Space gallery in Antwerp in 1971 and 1972. After a supper break, several videos by Filliou from the M HKA collection will be screened. A cassette tape of Filliou chanting the texts of Marquis de Sade may also be played.
20 November
The Sound of Nothing

Afternoon program:
2–4 pm

Meeting point: 2 pm at the Palazzo Trevisan or 2.30 pm at the Lido Vaporetto stop
Visit to Teatro Marinoni on the Lido
Following the trail of slow death in Venice, we will visit the melancholic theatre Marinoni on the Lido. The theatre is part of the abandoned sanatorium, Marinoni Ospedale al Mare e del Ricreatorio. Francesca Sarah Toich will recite from Dante’s ‘Divina Comedia’ and Philippe Eustachon will read from the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’, as well as texts by Antonin Artaud. Artist Paul Polaris will bring from the sea her organs, such as heart, spleen, lung, liver, and kidney.
Evening program:
7 pm 

Doors of the Palazzo Trevisan open to the public/bar
7.30 pm

Welcome from the Salonniers
Conversation with László F. Földényi about Dada and mysticism, accompanied by corresponding texts read by Christian Uetz and Philippe Eustachon, followed by a concert by Tomas Bächli after supper. Bächli will play Erik Satie and several mystical compositions of the 19th century in a special homage to Hugo Ball: “Then the lights went out, as I had ordered, and bathed in sweat, I was carried down off the stage like a magical bishop.”
21 November
On the Traces of the Magical Bishop

Afternoon program:
4 pm

Meeting point: Palazzo Trevisan
On the important Venetian holiday, Festa della Madonna della Salute, we will cross over a bridge that has been constructed for just one day to explore various churches, looking for “the ancient cadence of priestly lamentation, that style of liturgical singing that wails in all the Catholic churches of East and West” (Hugo Ball). We will be accompanied by the lamentations of Christian Uetz, Daniel Binswanger and female surprise guests. Later, in our favourite restaurant, Do Farai, Gianni will prepare the Castradina for us.
Evening program:
7.30 pm 

Doors of the Palazzo Trevisan open to the public/bar
8 pm

Welcome and Bye Bye from the Salonniers, with flickering echoes by their hosts and guests. Philosophical-poetical performance by Christian Uetz, accompanied by a buffet supper that could have been served on the Titanic. Instead of the Salonisti, Faber will sing and play his own songs, perhaps even ‘Bella ciao, ciao, ciao’...

The November guests of the Salon Suisse in order of appearance are:
Anders Kreuger
A curator at M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp), Anders Kreuger is also an editor at the London-based art journal ‘Afterall’.
Anny De Decker
An art historian from Antwerp, Anny De Decker founded the Wide White Space gallery in Antwerp in 1966 with artist Bernd Lohaus. In 1971 Robert Filliou showed there for the first time. The gallery, which closed in 1976, also collaborated with Marcel Broodthaers and Joseph Beuys.
Philippe Eustachon
A director, actor, dramatic advisor and translator known for his work on the films ‚Le fils du Mékong’ (1992) and ‚Blush’ (2013), Philippe Eustachon works closely with Mexican artist Carlos Amorales.
Francesca Sarah Toich
Considered one of the best interpreters in Italy of Dante’s ‚Divina Commedia’, in 2005 and 2008, actor Francesca Sarah Toich was honoured with the coveted Lauro Dantesco, a prize awarded by the Centro Relazioni Culturali di Ravenna.
Johannes Gees
An artist and co-founder of the crowdfunding platform wemakeit.com, Johannes Gees was born in 1960 in Romanshorn, Switzerland.
Paul Polaris
Born 1982 in Zurich, Switzerland, Paul Polaris lives and works in Berlin, recently exhibiting her work at ‘Invent The Future With Elements Of The Past’ in Zurich, a collaboration between the STEO Foundation and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Adrian Notz and Cabaret Voltaire.
Tomas Bächli
Born in 1958 in Zurich, Tomas Bächli studied music at the Konservatorium Zürich and now lives and works in Berlin. Bächli experiments with new, alternative forms of concerts, primarily performing the work of emerging artists.
Christian Uetz
A philosophical poet, Christian Uetz was born in Switzerland in 1963 and now lives at Lake Constance and in Berlin. He has performed at festivals and literature and experimental poetry events, including spoken poetry in New York, Berlin and Medellin.  
László F. Földényi
Born in 1952, László F. Földényi is an essayist, art theorist, critic for literature and translator. Földényi lives and works in Budapest and is one of the leading intellectuals of Hungary. In 2013 he published the book ‘Starke Augenblicke. Eine Physiognomie der Mystik’.
Born in 1993, Faber is a singer and the writer of crazy, funny, sad and serious texts about unconditional love, identity, moral and petty criminal idols. His most recent song ‘Zürich brennt nicht mehr’ (‘Zurich is not burning anymore’) on his EP ‘Alles Gute’ (‘All the best’) is already an anti-anthem on the left and right bank of the Limmat.
… Further surprise guests will join us in November …

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Please download the program here:
«Salon Suisse» Four: «Speculatio mystica»