56th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia
09 May - 22 Nov 2015
04 Jun 2015 until 06 Jun 2015
«Salon Suisse» One: «Collective Experiments»
«Collective Experiments», the first Salon (4 to 6 June) cherishes the practice of «dérive» (drifting). We will track down Babylonian babble, flashes of genius and team spirit in the bars of Venice and Matteo Bertelé will guide us to a hidden billiard saloon. Inquiry will be conducted into the operative complexities of art and politics in conjunction with black risotto and films.
4 June 2015

Biennale Highlights and Failures – Panel by Terpentin
7.00pm: Doors of the Palazzo open to the public / bar
7.30pm – 8.45pm: Panel 'The Biennale 2015: Highlights and Failures'
8.45pm: Giovanni Mancuso, short piano concert followed by drinks

'The Biennale 2015: Highlights and Failures' panel discussion in cooperation with Terpentin*.

Markus Klammer (philosopher and art critic), Niels Olsen (curator), Pathmini Ukwattage (art historian and art critic) Stefan Neuner (art historian and art critic) discuss selected works presented on the 56th International Art Exhibition.
*As the space in mainstream publications has dwindled, the industrialization of the art world has accelerated and most art magazines have become too neutral. The online forum Terpentin is conceived as a space for rigorous art criticism.

5 June 2015

Black Risotto and Sad-is-fiction
7.00pm: Doors of the Palazzo open to the public / bar
Film: Guy Debord, 'In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni' (1978)
(Psychogeography on the Situationists in Venice)
7.30pm: Panel 'Mangia guai'
Guido Magnaguagno, Stefan Zweifel and Juri Steiner (Salonniers)
8.00pm: Risotto nero di seppia
9.30pm: Film: Fredi M. Murer, 'Sadis-fiction' (1969)

Salon with Guido Magnaguagno, former Vice-Director Kunsthaus Zurich and Director Museum Tinguely in Basel, Dada-specialist (several exhibitions on Dada, on Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp), expert on Situationism.

The renown Swiss film director Fredi M. Murer (‘Höhenfeuer’, 1985, ‘Vitus’, 2006, ‘Liebe und Zufall’, 2014), will be present.
6 June 2015

Derive: Strolling through Venice
7.00pm: Meeting point: Palazzo Trevisan

If you are late please call: +39 389 6060953

Psychogeographical ramble with Matteo Bertelé (Venetian Salonnier) starting at the Palazzo Trevisan. This evening includes a visit of the installation 'The Rape of Venice', food and music at the private Salon 'Punto Croce', stop-overs at 'Alla Poppa' and Venetian 'Biliardi' next to the former Jewish ghetto.

Partner of «Salon Suisse» is Laufen Bathrooms AG
Media partner: terpentin.orgPOSTmatter

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Salon Suisse: Collective Experiments from 4 to 6 June 2015