13th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia:
29 Aug - 25 Nov 2012
04 Oct 2012 6:00 PM
Theory Seminar at the Biennale in Venice „Common Ground“
The Swiss Pavilion created by Bruno Giacometti celebrates in 2012 its 60th anniversary: what did the Pavilion look like as winning competition project in 1951 and after completion of the building process in 1952? Which modifications were made to the building as a result of the exhibition design and security measures? How did the artists and architects who were invited to the programme of the Swiss Pavilion (previously Swiss Federal Office of Culture, since 2012 Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia) addresses the spatial and exposure situation of the Pavilion? A careful examination of the last contributions for the Pavilion will yield insights into this: 2009 - 2012, Silvia Bächli / Jürg Conzett / Thomas Hirschhorn and Miroslav Sik. Which maintenance measures must nowadays be taken for the Pavilion, which legal requirement need to be taken into account?

Paola Piffaretti:
Paola Piffaretti, a native of Bellinzona, Switzerland, is graduated of the ETH Zurich. The author Giuseppe Sardi, architetto ticinese nella Venezia del Seicento, as well as numerous publications on the architectural history of Venice and Ticino, Piffaretti also devotes a good deal of her time to curating exhibitions and lecturing on these topics. Alongside her historical research and activities, she actively pursues the profession of architecture, recently as the architect in charge of renovations at the Castle of Sasso Corbaro in Bellinzona and as the architect of the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Piffaretti is Vice-President of the Swiss Foundation Pro Venezia, which is engaged in financing the restoration of Venetian monuments.

Lo scorrere del fiume, l'opera dell'uomo
Agnelli - Hoepli (2008)