54th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia
04 Jun - 27 Nov 2011
Thomas Hirschhorn, Crystal of Resistance, Swiss Pavilion

"Crystal of Resistance is the title of my work for the Swiss Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennial. Through my work Crystal of Resistance I want to question. First: Can my work create a new term of art? Second: Can my work develop a 'Critical corpus'? Third: Can my work engage - beyond the art audience - a 'Non-exclusive Public'? I want to answer each of these questions, these goals and these self-demanding ambitions - with my work and in my work." Thomas Hirschhorn 2011. http://www.chewingthescenery.net/

Andrea Thal, Chewing the scenery, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

"Chewing the Scenery—a term dating back to the nineteenth century—is a description of a way o acting that suggests that the actor is excessively veracting. With its manifold meanings it also seems to imply the capacity of the scenery chewer to destabilize the fine dividing line between proper and not-proper, between virtuosityand embarrassing ineptitude. Thoughts come to mind of the actor who doesn’t know when to stop, lingering on stage far longer than the role demands, willfully and self-indulgently creating mayhem in the timing and contents of the script." Andrea Thal 2011.

Illuminations: curated by Bice Curiger, main exhibition at Arsenale and Giardini
Swiss participants: Urs Fischer, Fischli/Weiss, Bruno Jakob, Christian Marclay, Fabian Marti, Shahryar Nashat, Mai-Thu Perret, Pipilotti Rist, Andro Wekua


SIK-ISEA Participants
Hirschhorn, Thomas (1957)
Boudry, Pauline (1972)
Cuomo, Raphaël (1977)
Iorio, Maria (1975)
Lorenz, Renate (1963)
Orlow, Uriel (1973)
Schaerf, Eran (1962)
Wintsch, Johanna Natalie (1871-1944)
Zulauf, Tim (1973)

Paolo Baratta, President
Bice Curiger, Artistic Director
Urs Staub, Commissioner Swiss Pavilion
Andreas Münch, Commisioner Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
Andrea Thal, Curator of the multidisciplinary Project "Chewing the Scenery" at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

Jury members
Hans Rudolf Reust, President of the Federal Art Commission
Andreas Münch, Representative of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA
Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Peter Hubacher, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Jean-Luc Manz, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Hinrich Sachs, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Nadia Schneider, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Nika Spalinger, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Noah Stolz, Member of the Federal Arts Commission
Sarah Zürcher, Member of the Federal Arts Commission